Blood Suckers Beware


The crisp Fall wind blew gently as Dandy walked down the street. He wore an extra layer over his light gray suit, as the weather was beginning to turn. Soon enough it would be Winter, and he would cut his walking down significantly, as he detested the cold of ice and snow. But for now, it was pretty enough, with the trees turning red and orange and yellow. 

He made his way to his usual cafe, Sips, where he was known by name, as he came here at least twice a week. It was near his office, and served as a nice centralized get away for when he needed to bust out from behind his desk on slow days. 

“Hello, Angela.” He said, tipping his hat at the young woman at the counter. She smiled up at him. 

“Good morning, Detective.” She replied. Dandy took a seat near the window so that he could feel the natural light beaming down on him and so that he could read the newspaper folded under his arm better. He scanned the articles to see if there was anything of interest to him, and of course he read the comic strips. He could never miss those.

As he was reading through a recap on the sports page, he heard some whispering close to him. He looked up. It was two young men, chattering to each other. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, and he wasn’t trying to. He only wanted to enjoy his coffee and his newspaper before he had to go back to work. But of course, work had a way of following the old detective wherever he went. The chattering of the two young men grew louder until he could not help but overhear their words. 

“I’m telling you,” began the one in a blue sweater, “that’s him. We should talk to him.”
“I don’t know, how do you know he’ll believe us?” Asked the other.

“Hey, it’s his job to believe us. He handles stuff like this all the time. Said the former. 

“Fine, but you have to start the conversation.” Said the latter. Dandy looked up from his paper and found the two young men standing over him, looking down. He cleared his throat after a moment of silence. 

“Er, can I help you boys?” He asked finally. He gestured at the table before him and the two young men took a seat. They looked at each other, then down at the table, and finally, at Dandy. 

“You’re Detective John Dandy, aren’t you?” Said the young man in the blue sweater. 

“Indeed I am.” Answered Dandy. He put down the paper and looked at the young men. “And who are you?” He asked. 

“Oh, sorry,” began the man in the sweater, “I’m Kyle, and this is my brother Dan.” Dan gave a polite wave. “We think we have need of your…services.” Said Kyle. 

“You’re in need of a private investigator? Asked Dandy. “Well, what seems to be the problem, boys?” Kyle and Dan looked at each other. 

“I’m just going to come out and say this,” began Kyle, “we think there’s a…a vampire in the area.” Dandy sat up in his seat. 

“A vampire?” He repeated. There was nothing more tricky, more clever, or more dangerous than a vampire. How many years ago had it been that he had lost his very best friend to the likes of a vampire? To that accursed gray-faced monster that called himself Mordecai? And though he figured that one day he and the vampire may finish their business, he hoped that day would never come. 

“That’s right.” Dan chimed in. “There have been a series of disappearances, all at night. And the other day,they found a man dead in the back alley. Two marks on his neck.”
“And of course, none of the police think it’s a vampire, they wouldn’t even consider such a possibility.” Said Kyle, crossing his arms. 

“But you’re convinced it’s a vampire.” Said Dandy. He leaned in, his face growing serious. “That’s a very heavy accusation.” he said. The two brothers stared at each other for a moment. 

“Well, the thing is…” began Dan. 

“We think we know who it is.” Finished Kyle. The pair looked around uneasily. They began to lower their voice. 

“His name is Bernie and he frequents the comic book store.” Said Kyle. Dandy raised a gray eyebrow at this piece of information. 

“Boys, I hate to break it to you, but you must be mistaken. There has never been a vampire in history with the name Bernie.”

“Ah, man, not even Detective Dandy believes us.” Groaned Milo. Dandy leaned in and tapped his fingers along the surface of the table., 

“Listen, son, it’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I need a little more evidence before I go on a vampire hunt.” He said. 

“Well how about this?” Asked Kyle. “We’ve never seen Bernie out during the day, he wears all black all the time, and he creeps around in the shadows.” 

“That’s not very substantial evidence.” Replied Dandy. “Do you ever see this Bernie character out and about?”

“Like we said, he’s at the comic book shop all the time. He’s always reading those creepy horror comics and laughing to himself.” Said Dan.  

“Horror comics?” Dandy repeated with disdain. “What’s wrong with Bloom County?” The boys looked at him, then each other in confusion. “Sorry.” Dandy said, flattening his gray-white mustache. 

“Well, will you look into it? After all, there was a dead body.” Said Kyle. 

“That’s true enough, I was just reading about it in the paper.” Replied Dandy. He thought for a moment. “Alright, I’ll look into the case. But don’t be surprised if there’s nothing supernatural there. That’s not always how these things play out. A murder, though a great tragedy, is sometimes a plain old murder.”

“That could be true.” Said Dan. “But I don’t think that’s the case here. We’re sure Bernie has something to do with all of this.”There’s definitely something going on.”

“Boys, it’s alright. Dandy is on the case.” He said, rolling up his newspaper. 

“We’re finally gonna bust Bernie.” Said Kyle

“He won’t be able to kill anyone ever again.” Added Dan. Dandy stood up from his seat and nodded at the pair of young men.

“When it gets a little later, and the sun starts to go down, Ill pay a little visit to the comic shop.” He tapped his hand against the newspaper as he held it in the air. “But I’ll be sticking with the funnies for now.” 


The evening grew dark quickly now that it was Fall, and Dandy didn’t mind waiting. He’d been around long enough that exercising a little patience wasn’t much of a problem for him. But now it was about seven o’clock and the night was settled in. Whistling as he walked down the street, he made his way toward the local comic book store, Panels.

He was not the usual clientele for the store, and as such was met by a few stares as he walked through the door. He simply nodded and tipped his hat at the man behind the counter in response to the quick glances that were stolen in his direction. Dandy swept the room with his eyes. There weren’t too many people in the store this late, making his task easier.

There, in the back. Scanning through some long white boxes was a tall, skinny man in a black trench coat and sunglasses. He stuck out immensely. Every now and again the tall man would chuckle to himself as he flipped through a comic book. 

“Hey, Bernie,” called the man behind the counter sharply, “I told you this ain’t a library, you can’t be reading those books for free in here.” He concluded. Dandy tugged at his mustache. As if he needed much confirmation, this was indeed the man he was looking for. He moved slowly in Bernie’s direction. He had dealt with people like this before, and Dandy could tell that this man was like a horse, he could be easily spooked. Finally Dandy moved in, closing the distance between them. He pretended to look at the comic in Bernie’s hand. 

“Why, that’s a fine issue of…” he looked closer at the title, “of Vampire Stalker.” Dandy said, nodding his head. Bernie looked up from his book and scoffed. 

“What do you know about the art of comics, old man?” He asked. 

“Now, that’s not very friendly.” Replied Dandy, shaking his head. He cleared his throat. “I hear you’re Bernie. I’ve been looking for you.” Dandy said, pulling out his credentials. 

“A private detective?” Bernie said, confused. “What do you want with me?” Bernie was getting skittish now, Dandy knew he didn’t have much time.

“I just want to ask you a few questions.” Dandy said calmly. But it was too late. Bernie slid the comic book back in the box and, putting his head down, walked quickly away from the detective. 

“No questions,” he said briskly as he walked away. Dandy began to follow him.

“It’s just normal procedure.” Dandy said, picking up his pace after the young man. Bernie stopped and spun around. He lowered his sunglasses. 

“I assure you, there’s nothing normal about me.” Then he spun on his heels and walked out the door. The man behind the counter let out a loud sigh of relief. 

“Thanks for getting Bernie out of here.” He said. “That guy’s like a barnacle. He just sticks around.” Dandy tipped his hat once more. 

“Glad to be of service.” He said as he, too, ducked out the door. Dandy quickened his steps as he followed in Bernie’s path. Bernie looked over his shoulder and scoffed. 

“Quit following me, old man.” He demanded. 

“I just want to ask about where you were two nights ago. About Debra McMhan.” Upon hearing this name, Bernie stopped in his tracks, He looked sideways. 

“You’re looking into the murder?” He asked. Dandy closed the distance between them and came to stand next to the man in the black trench coat. 

“Yes, I’ve been hired to look into her death. There were some…unusual circumstances.” Dandy concluded. 

“You mean vampires.” Bernie said flatly. Dandy stared at the young man. 

“You say that as if you believe it yourself.” He said. Bernie smirked and shook his head. 

“Well, you see, some people believe that I am a vampire. Which of course is ridiculous.” he said with a laugh. 

“I was sort of thinking the same thing.” But just as Dandy finished his sentence, Bernie flung open his trench coat. Hanging there were a couple of wooden stakes and a large silver cross. 

“I, of course, am a hunter. A slayer.” Dandy blinked hard at the scene before him, unable to quite conjure any response. Finally he blinked several more times and tilted his head. 

“You mean that you…kill vampires?” Dandy asked. 

“That’s right. I have three confirmed kills. But I’m still pretty young. Bernie said with a smirk. 

“Three kills?” echoled Dandy. “How do you know someone’s a vampire?”

“Oh I don’t know. Pale skin, afraid of the daylight, large, pointy teeth, uh maybe the fact that they were feeding on blood.” He said, shaking his head. 

“Alright now son, no need to get testy.” Said Dandy. “Are you stalking this vampire that killed Debora?” He asked. 

“Indeed I am, and I’m close on its trail.” Bernie responded. He looked from side to side. If you’re looking to catch a killer, you might as well come along. We’ll get the monster tonight.”

“You want me to come along with you, eh?” Said Dandy, raising an eyebrow. He tugged at the corners of his mustache, thinking it over. There was no way he could be sure that this was going to go anywhere, but he couldn’t resist the morbid curiosity of seeing just what this young man would do. 

“We both have the same goal, and if I can show you that vampires exist, that’s one more believer. One more step closer to showing the whole world what goes on in the dark.” Dandy did his best not to smirk at the line that Benrie had so clearly been dying to day, he simply nodded. 

“Alright, if it will give me answers, I’ll go with you.” At this, Bernie grinned. 

“You’re about to see a whole new world, old man.” 

“Son, the name’s Dandy, John Dandy.” Dandy replied. He almost couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. The things that he’d seen, the things that he had been through, this would be nothing, even if there was a vampire. 

“Well, then, Dandy, come with me.” Bernie said as he ducked down a dark alleyway. 

“This oughta be…something.” Dandy said to himself, following Bernie the Vampire Slayer into the night. 


The pair continued down the dark alley for what seemed like minutes, it continued to turn off, shooting into different paths. After some time wandering, Dandy felt aimlessly about, he finally grabbed Bernie by the shoulder.

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?” He asked gruffly. Bernie shrugged the Detective’s hand off of his body. 

“Trust me, old man, the vampires like to hunt in the darkest places.” Berne had by this time activated his extra large flashlight to guide the way. He flicked the beam from side to side. 

“We can wait here.” He said. Dandy leaned against the wall and checked his watch, it was eight o’clock now and everything was pitch black. He wondered just what he was waiting for, when he heard someone stumbling down the alleyway. 

“Who’s that?” Whispered Dandy. 

“It’s the bait.” Replied Bernie. After a moment, a man rounded the corner. He was disheveled and stumbling all over the place. He wore a torn up brown suit and had a glass bottle in his hand. 

“Hey, who’s that, what’s that bright light?” The man stammered. “This is my stretch of alley.” He said, pointing to a stack of newspapers ont he ground that had formed a rough cot. 

“Oh, don’t mind us.” Said Bernie. “We’re just waiting on a friend.” Dandy shook his head. 

“I don’t like this.” He said. 

“It’ll be fine, I’ve been studying this area and so has…it.”

“It?” Questioned Dandy. “You mean the vampire?” Bernie slowly nodded his head in reply. There was a skittering noise from above. Dandy and Bernie looked up quickly. There was a flash of movement just above them. Though Dandy couldn’t tell what it was. 

“I think it’s here.” Bernie said quietly but firmly. He ducked back in the shadows and turned off his flashlight. Dandy followed him into the darkness. The noise from above drew closer and closer. 

“Hey, who’s there?” asked the man in the brown suit. He was sitting on his pile of newspapers, taking a drink from his glass, looking all around. 

“We can’t just leave him out there.” Dandy whispered harshly. 

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Said Bernie, opening his coat and producing a wooden stake. “Now listen, you just stay here and I’ll get the job done.” He added. 

Just then, from the rooftops, a shadowy figure descended, landing quietly on the concrete. Bernie stalked forward without a sound. Dandy could not make out what the creature looked like in the darkness, but could see it slowly approaching its victim. 

All of the sudden, Bernie switched the light back on, bathing the creature in its beam. It threw its arms up to cover its face, blinded, and made a hissing noise. 

“Prepare to eat stake!” Cried Bernie. At this, Dandy rolled his eyes, sure that Bernie had been waiting to say that line for some time. “You’re–” Bernie stumbled forward, then dropped the stake at seeing the illuminated being before him.

“You’re a girl…” He said. The creature stood revealed, bearing its sharp fangs and hissing. It was a blond woman, a woman that Dandy recognized. 

“Angela?” He said, astonished. “The barista?”  The blonde vampire looked at him but didn’t say anything. Upon seeing that Bernie had dropped his stake, she lunged at him. 

“Woah!” Bernie creid. The two struggled for a moment, then Dandy saw Bernie go down, the vampire on top of him. She was hissing fiercely, and Bernie was doing his best to keep her away from his neck. Quickly, Dandy lept into action. He grabbed the young woman by the waist and heaved her off of the vampire hunter, who sat up on his elbow, breathing a sigh of relief. 

“What do we do now?” Asked Bernie, dazed. 

“Don’t ask me!” Dandy cried. “You’re the vampire hunter.” Bernie rubbed his head. 

“Oh, right.” He scrambled for the stake, but before he could do anything, the young woman broke free of Dandy’s grip. She continued to hiss as she backed up into a corner. The man in the brown suit, who was sitting on the ground, rubbed his eyes in disbelief at what was going on before him. 

“Maybe you guys just need a drink.” He offered, pointing the bottle in the direction of the other three in the alley way. Swiftly the creature turned on him, and, baring her fangs, leapt in his direction. 

“Oh no you don’t!” Yelled Bernie. He rummaged through his coat and produced the silver cross. Upon seeing the shiny object, the vampire recoiled, throwing her hands up to shield her face. Hissing once more ferociously, she ran toward the dead end wall and leapt up as high as she could, landing on a window sill, and scaling her way up the brick building. 

Bernie put his hands on his hips and let out a sigh. 

“I’ve never staked a woman before.” He said, shaking his head. 

“Well, she’s decided to go off somewhere for easier food tonight, anyway.” Dandy added. Then Bernie looked at him.

“You know her?” He asked. 

“She works at the cafe I frequent.” Dandy said, shaking his head in disbelief. 

“But how could she be out during the day?” Asked Bernie, wearing a confused look on his face. 

“That’s something I aim to find out.” Dandy said, tucking his shirt back into his pants.

“Maybe we should meet back up tomorrow, at Panels. See what we’ve discovered.” Bernie suggested. Dandy nodded in agreement. 

As the pair began to walk off, the man in the brown suit raised his bottle toward them.

“You boys did a fine job, and I’d love to have you back in my alley any time.”


The next day, Dandy slept in a little later than usual, tired from his night out with the slayer and his target. He rolled over and saw that his alarm clock read nine. He slowly rose from the bed and got ready for his day, topping it all off by placing his white Panama hat on his head. Digging in his pocket, he produced a small silver compact mirror. Opening it up, he examined his mustache, which needed a little fine grooming before he left the house.  

He walked down the street with purpose, toward Sips, ready to observe and, if necessary, confront Angela. He still couldn’t believe that she was a vampire, that the sweet young woman was a member of the living dead, out to feast on the blood of the innocent. Somehow it just didn’t feel right to him. 

He opened the door and nodded at Angela, who smiled at him. He didn’t understand how she could act this way, or even frankly show up to work after the encounter last night. How she wasn’t more skittish, he couldn’t figure. 

“Your usual, Detective?” She said over the din of his cloudy thoughts. 

“Oh, uh, yes, thank you.” He said. He sat down at the table and began to flip through the newspaper, to keep appearances normal. Then he had an idea. With his back to the counter, he reached into his pocket and produced the silver compact mirror. Silently he opened it up and pretended to examine his mustache. But really, he aimed the mirror over his shoulder at the counter. To his surprise, Angela’s reflection showed up in the mirror. 

If she were really a vampire, he thought, surely she wouldn’t have any reflection. He puzzled this over for a few moments, before Angela turned and began to bring the coffee toward him. He snapped the mirror shut quickly as she approached. Angela got to the table and sat the drink down. Looking at Dandy, she frowned. 

“You look kind of worn out, Detective.” she said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Stay out too late last night?” She asked. 

“Er, yes, I suppose I did.” He said, taking a sip from his coffee. “Thanks very much.” he said, handing her change for the drink. The barista walked away toward the cash register, leaving Dandy to puzzle over his latest discovery. She acted so completely normal, there wasn’t even a hint in her body language that something had been wrong. And then of course there was her reflection. That didn’t make any sense. He would report all this to Bernie and see what he thought. Though he feared that Bernie might create some insane theory, some sort of justification to stake another living being. 

But he didn’t have a lot of good options. Just then, Kyle and Dan walked into the shop. 

“Detective.” Said Kyle, taking a seat at the table. “Have you discovered anything about the case yet?” He asked. 

“Well, I’ve certainly got some first hand experience to sift through.”
“What do you mean?” Asked Dan. Dandy leaned in and whispered a brief detail of the account from the previous night, leaving out the essential detail of Angela’s face on the vampire’s body. 

“Wow, you fought a vampire and walked away?” Asked Kyle.

“Well, the most important thing is that we prevented another murder.” Dandy replied. 

“I can’t believe Bernie’s not a vampire. That’s too weird.” Said Dan. As the pair sat there, trying to absorb all that had been placed before them, Dandy looked back and forth between the pair of brothers. 

Then an idea hit him, one so obvious he couldn’t believe that he had missed it before. 

It wasn’t Angela that he was looking for. It wasn’t Angela that had swooped down and attacked them in the night. And it wasn’t Angela that was looking to drain his body of its precious blood. 

No, it was so simple.

“Why are you staring at us like that?” Asked Dan.

“Boys, I think I just cracked this case wide open.” He huffed and rolled his eyes. “Now I just have to wait for it to get a little darker, and I’ll rendezvous with my new partner, I suppose.” He rolled up the newspaper and stuffed it under his arm. 

“I don’t get it.” Said Kyle.

“I’ll explain everything after tonight.” He said, tipping his hat at them as he headed for the door. Now all he had to do was wait. He headed back to his house and figured that, even though it was bright daylight outside, he could use a little more sleep. 


“Twin sisters?” Echoed Bernie as he flipped through the pages of a well worn comic book. He stood over one of the long white boxes thumbing through the issue, scanning the pictures, but not the words.

“That’s right, Angela must have a twin sister, and she was the one who attacked us.” Dandy said, pounding a fist into his open palm. 

“Well, twin or no, she needs to be staked. She’s no longer anyone’s sister. She’s a blood sucking freak.” Bernie replied in an almost casual manner. Dandy reached over and pushed the comic book down, so that Bernie would look at him. 

“Son, this is a serious manner,” he began, “we’ll have to use Angela to get to her sister. We’ve got to head out soon before she leaves the cafe.” Bernie, at first gruff because of the reading interruption, finally nodded his head. 

“Alright, old man, let’s go. He put the book back in the box and walked out of the store. The owner rolled his eyes as the pair left, thankful that the two odd men were taking their business elsewhere. 

The pair trudged down the street toward Sips, Angela exited the building just as two men approached. 

“Angela!” Called Dandy with a friendly smile and a wave. Angela turned around to see the old detective coming her way. She smiled back and stood in place, waiting for the man and his friend to catch up with her. 

“Sorry, Detective, it’s the end of my shift.” She said with a grin. 

“That’s alright, I don’t need coffee, I need,” he paused, his face grew grim, “answers.”

“Answers?” she repeated. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.” She put on her light jacket, her face wearing a confused look. 

“It’s about your sister. We know the truth.” Dandy said. Angela’s body language changed immediately. Her shoulders sagged, and she wore a grimace. 

“I should have known it was only a matter of time before THE Detective Dandy had a run in with her.” She said. She wrapped her arms around her body and shivered. 

“I know this is difficult, but…” Dandy began but didn’t know how to finish, seeing the grimace on the young woman’s face turn into a deep frown. 

“It’s not her fault, you know, she was bitten a long time ago. And I suppose she’s not really my sister anymore, I guess I don’t know what she is.”

“She’s a monster, a blood sucker!” Cried Bernie. “And she must be stopped.” Dandy put his hand up to silence the young man in black.

“This is my associate, Bernie. He’s a rather…passionate young man. You’ll have to forgive him.” Angela eyed Bernie up and down suspiciously. 

“Well, OK, but what do you want with me?” Angela asked at last. Dandy hung his head for a moment and thought. 

“What we really need is for you to lead us to your sister.” Angela looked at him. 

“But I have no idea where she might be…we haven’t spoken in some time.” 

“Please,” began the Detective, “if anyone can think like her, it’s you. Are there any old spots you went to growing up? Some place that would mean something to her, deep down?” Angela thought in silence for a moment. 

Meanwhile, Bernie was getting restless, pacing back and forth. 

“You’re getting a little antsy.” Dandy said, stopping him in his tracks. “Better calm down and keep your head about you.” Bernie looked at him anxiously. 

“I can just feel it, tonight we’ll catch the vampire.” He nodded in excitement. 

After several minutes, Angela cleared her throat 

“There was a bridge, a bridge we used to play under when we were little girls. We pretended to be trolls. Maybe she’ll be there. 

“That’s as good a place as any to start.” Said the Detective. He ushered the pair into his car and they drove off toward the old park on the other side of town. 


Darkness enveloped the park. It swallowed everything except the headlights of the car. They pulled up to the old wooden bridge and left the beams on high. There, huddled under the creaking structure sat a human figure who, upon being bathed in light, recoiled. 

“There she is!” Yelled Bernie, jumping out of the car. 

“Now wait a minute son–” but it was too late, Dandy could not finish his sentence before Bernie was gone, halfway to the bridge. Dandy dashed out of the car, leaving Angela in the back seat. 

“Time to die, vampire.” Said Bernie, readying his stake and mallet. But before he could do anything, the vampire charged at him. With incredible speed and strength, the vampire closed the distance between the two and grabbed Bernie by his coat. She flung him over her head, sending him crashing to the earth with a horrible thumping noise. She closed in, hissing, fangs bared and ready to puncture Bernie’s flesh. 

“Alice!” Came Angela’s voice, ringing in the wind. Alice, the vampire, froze in her tracks. Then, slowly, turned her head toward the familiar voice. Angela stood there, her blonde hair waving in the wind. 

“Angela?” Said Alice, as if she wasn’t sure who was before her. And in that moment, it seemed that maybe she was a human again. But this did not matter to Bernie, who brandished the silver cross from inside his coat. 

“Get away from me, monster.” He cried. Alice hissed once more and recoiled. 

“Angela…” she said again, weakly, as if she were whimpering. Bernie regained possession of his stake and mallet and charged the vampire. He raised the stake over her back, where her heart would be located and prepared to strike. 

“Help–me–” Begged Alice. It was then that an aged hand grabbed Bernie’s wrist and stopped the blow from making its fatal contact. 

“Now son, I don’t think that’s the answer.” Said Dandy. Bernie looked at him, his eyes wide with fury. 

“I could have had her!” He spat. Dandy shook his head and pointed in the direction of Angela. The two sisters were meeting halfway, each hesitant to meet the other. 

“Oh, what did they do to you?” Angela asked.

“Help…me…” was all Alice could say. After a moment, the two embraced, but it was a short hug, because Alice let out a groan of pain and wings shot from her back. 

“Huh, didn’t see that coming.” Said Dandy. Alice looked her sister in the eyes one last time and flew off into the night. 

The three humans regrouped at Dandy’s vehicle. 

“Thank you, Detective, for not killing her. I…I want to believe that I can help her.”

“I’d like to believe that too…” Said Dandy, stroking his mustache. 

“Ah, once a blood sucker, always a blood sucker.” Bernie said, waving them off. As he got back into the car, he looked at Dandy.

“This ain’t over, old man.”
“No, son,” said Dandy slowly, “I think it might just be the beginning.”


On the other side of town, the sound of flapping wings grew louder. Alice split the sky as she flew toward her destination. It was a place that she had only been to once, but it was instinctual to her, knowing how to get there. 

She approached a worn down, abandoned factory. The windows broken and the bricks chipped. But there were no humans here. No one had come to this factory in years. No one dared. 

She flew inside through one of the broken panes, whimpering. She flew through the darkness until she found the large wooden door built into the floor. She knocked twice. After a moment of silence, filled with the echo of knocking, the door flew open. She descended down the steps into darkness. The further down she went, there was a faint flow of red light. 

Finally she entered a room full of red light. The Throne Room. The room was full of vampires, vampires who had forged chairs and spots out of the dilapidated basement. But there was one chair, much bigger than the rest, and set in the middle of the room. A dark figure with silver hair occupied the seat. 

“Ah, Alice, so nice of you to come back to us.” He said. 

“Mordecai I…want…help…need…” He threw here a packet of red liquid. 

“I know what you need. Take it and drink.” Alice greedily tore open the packet and drank down all the blood inside, she relaxed her manner, as if having gotten a fix. 

“There won’t be any problems getting that soon.” Mordecai said, leaning forward. His gray face illuminated in the red light. His dark eyes glowing with malice. “For soon, we attack, and no human can stop us.” Dozens of eyes lit up the dark room as a mass of vampires came together, laughing. 

“Yes,” said Mordecai, “soon.”